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Our general contracting services combine our collective strength in pre-construction planning and building expertise to ensure your project proceeds in an efficient manner.

As your general contractor, Barbican will will be at your service throughout each step and oversee all aspects of the construction process including permit application, coordinating all site activities, closing out your project and managing all warranties. The hands on approach of our management team applies to each and every project and is proactive, ensuring that all issues are dealt with promptly.

Barbican will put together a comprehensive construction program based on the plans completed by the owner’s designers and architects.  Our philosophy as a valued member of your construction team is to operate in a transparent manner and with an open book policy.  We provide a complete price breakdown of the work as outlined in the drawings provided by the owner’s consultants.  This approach provides an owner with complete cost certainty, and it provides them with the information required to make insightful economic decisions.




From the earliest stages, when the project is first conceived, our project management skills can be of great service to anyone who endeavours to build. As your project managers, we will provide you with an organization to deal specifically with the design and construction of your new facility or office space, thereby relieving the owner from the day to day responsibilities involved in such a venture.

The complexity and cost of major construction projects requires efficient management to ensure there is adequate control of resources, time and expenditures. As an organization, we implement all systems and processes necessary to achieve this objective efficiently while allowing the owner the degree of control they desire and is required to determine their criteria and preferences.

Our objective as project managers is to coordinate and control, through the application of management techniques, all aspects of the project, and to produce a well designed and constructed facility within the owner’s specifications, schedule and budget.

Project Management consists of the comprehensive management of all aspects of the construction project from conception to completion of construction and commissioning.

Barbican’s project management services may include, but are not limited to the following:

– Defining Client’s Requirements
– Functional Programming
– Selection of Consultants
– Conceptual Design and Planning
– Liaison with Jurisdictional Authorities
– Budgeting and Cost Control
– Project Accounting
– Scheduling
– Reporting and Maintenance of Records
– Project Organization and Administration
– Preparation of Design and Contract Documents
– Procurement
– Selection of Contractors and Contract Awards
– Construction Management
– Quality Assurance and Control
– Commissioning and Warranty
– Project Publicity and Public Relations
– Safety Program




Construction management concept brings a team approach to the construction process. This team concept joins the owner, consultants and the contractor to form a team whose objective is to execute and deliver the project within the parameters of the owner’s schedule, budget and design requirements.

This approach differs from the more traditional forms of construction in that your contractor is selected by the owner or project sponsor when the decision to undertake a project is made.  This usually coincides with the hiring of the architects and engineers. As construction managers, along with these consultants and together with the owner, form the construction management team.  Making our firm a part of your construction team allows us to share our extensive knowledge, skills and experience during the design phase.

While the consultants are primarily responsible for the concept, functional use of space, aesthetics, quality of design and production of drawings and specifications, we exercise overall control of the budget.  As your construction manager, our primary role is to use our experience and knowledge to guide the project through the design phase and keep the project within the specified budget.  To help achieve the goals of the owner, during the design stage we offer advice on alternative methods of construction and materials that would satisfy the design requirements while also expediting the project and being more economical.

If you choose to retain our services as construction managers, the contract fee is established at the outset and is reflective of the responsibilities and services outlined in the contractual agreement.  With an established construction management team, the advantages of competitive bidding are not lost.  All major components of the project will be tendered to sub-trades on a lump sum basis.  Our knowledge of the industry allows us to provide you with the information and guidance you need to select the best and most qualified trade contractors.

During the construction phase, Barbican provides the on site organization and supervision over all aspects of the project, shop drawing reviews, change orders, cost statements and progress billings.  We also provide information and guidance on government approvals, health & safety requirements, bonding & insurance and scheduling.  

Barbican’s duties throughout the construction phase include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Plan, organize, and direct activities concerned with construction of structures, facilities and their systems.
  2. Conduct regular project meetings with the consultants and the owner to address any and all issues that arise throughout the construction process.
  3. Conduct regular meetings with the trades personnel to ensure continuous direction regarding construction details, work coordination and procedures, complaints and construction problems.
  4. Implement a Health & Safety Policy along with the Site Safety Plan, which will be continually monitored and managed by way of regular site safety meetings with the health & safety representatives from the various trades on site.
  5. Inspect and review construction work and carry out testing as required in order to ensure that all work conforms to the specifications.
  6. Review all project specifications and produce a project check list for final review and approval of all aspects of construction.  This ensures all work is in accordance with the specifications.
  7. Provide supervision to oversee and direct workers on the construction site.
  8. Contract all workers and trades required to perform all construction work as designed and specified.
  9. Requisition all supplies and materials required to manage and complete the project.
  10. Provide all administrative staff and procedures required to carry out the construction activities for the project including distribution of drawings, meeting minutes, site instructions, change orders, etc.



Barbican performs feasibility studies to assess the viability of a project. This is a very valuable service we provide to investors and developers. The information gathered through a comprehensive analysis of a proposed project can be used to gauge its likelihood of success and to make the correct decisions. We have performed feasibility studies for all types and sizes of projects, from a local parking structure to large scale housing projects in Arizona and a 40,000 unit residential development in Mongolia.

Through proactive investigation of a project, before investing the time and money required to develop the concept into an actual project, one can strategically manage their assets. This strategic planning process allows owners to identify what is required to achieve their vision as well their return on their investment.

You need to plan in order to succeed.  With some thoughtful planning, you can ensure your project’s success before it begins.  From establishing the scope and viability, to budget, schedule and team requirements, to process implementation and ongoing evaluation, Barbican can tailor a plan that fits your specific project requirements.

Barbican’s feasibility and pre-construction services include, but are not limited to the following:

– Construction Budgeting and Forecasting
– Project Risk Identification and Mitigation
– Master Planning and Design Coordination Activities
– Financial and Cash Flow Projections
– Logistics and Planning
– Value Engineering & Life Cycle Costing
– Location and Market Assessment




Construction consulting is a specialized form of business consultation that focuses on all forms of construction. Our construction consulting can instantly provide your company with experience and knowledge of the industry to help one make informed decisions. Barbican possesses many years of construction experience and can provide real world, cost effective solutions to the challenges faced by owners, contractors, engineers and architects throughout the construction process.

We can immediately become a valued member of your construction team. Whether it be to advise on leasehold improvements when negotiating a lease or providing that professional interface between an owner and the consultants, we can help you achieve your goals. Our experience will provide you with effective leadership, focused attention to detail and bring you a valued partnership you can count on.

From initial concept to project close out, Barbican can assist you in coordinating your designs and construction process to ensure the desired outcome. We provide a complete range of consulting services to help bring your vision and concept to reality.

Through Barbican’s experience in the construction industry, we are able to provide effective project leadership in the following areas:

– Leasehold Improvement Definition and Costing (for either Landlord or Tenant)
– Request for Proposals to Obtain Consultants
– Design Briefs and Specifications based on Owner’s Specified Requirements
– Contract Review and Negotiations
– Construction Design Reviews
– Bid Phase Management
– Cost Estimating and Evaluations
– Construction Schedule Reviews
– Value Engineering
– Inspection and Quality Assurance



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